Cockpit ICS Carbon Aero


Integrierte Kabelführung und einfache Stack-Anpassung
Clip-On-Extensions und integrierte Gerätehalterung
Clip-On-Extensions und integrierte Gerätehalterung verfügbar (Garmin / Wahoo / GoPro)
Breite: 360 mm / 420 mm
Gewicht: 315 g

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Cockpit ICS Carbon Aero

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A new take on aerodynamic performance. ICS Aero features a progressive aerodynamic shaping with a reduced frontal section to match the drag-reducing design of our performance frames. ICS aero features a 360 mm top width to alow riders an efficient aerodynamic position. The 12.5° flare and 420mm width at the drops provide great control at high speed and on loose surfaces.

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