The story behind Storer’s nickname; The Destroyer

The story behind Storer’s nickname; The Destroyer

Nicknames – a common phenomenon in any sport to either simplify someone’s difficult name, or a humorous way to emphasize on a rider’s characteristic. In Tudor Pro Cycling’s Michael Storer’s case, his nickname is both humorous as well as slightly frightening.

“It was back when I was with Team Sunweb, now known as Team DSM – Firmenich, that the nickname "Der Zestörer" was born”, Storer remembers. “I was with with Nico Denz during having a successful Vuelta a España, where I won two stages. It was after one of these victories, during a celebratory dinner, that Denz coined the nickname.”
Michael Störer in the Giro

Zestörer is derived from the German word for "destroyer," and it resonates with Storer’s name. Among English-speaking cyclists and friends, the English variant of Storer’s nickname got adopted.

“I embrace the nickname”, he says. “It reflects the races I won in the Vuelta by leaving everyone else behind.”

However, when Storer moved to FDJ, my nickname changed to "Mich Mich," and "Der Zestörer" faded a bit into the background. “For them it was an easier way to call me, I believe.”

Now at Tudor Pro Cycling, no one calls Storer "Der Zestörer" yet. But that might change after this week’s racing, the third week in the Giro d’Italia. “Who knows”, the 27-year-old smiles. “If I manage to pull off something special, the nickname might make a comeback.”

“A stage win might be challenging since I’m well-positioned in the general classification. So, the GC will be my goal. I hope to achieve a top 10 finish after three weeks of racing.”